Core Values

Customer first

This is the core philosophy of Merakii Windows. It is amazing that this value is deep rooted in our organization. We exist because of our customers and they make us who we are today.

Relationship building

Great relationships are a key to any business success. We at Merakii Windows believe in building strong and positive relationships

Positive attitude and mindset

Your inner world creates your outer reality. A positive attitude and mindset is what will keep you balanced and lead you to being successful. Life is too short to be surrounded with negative and unhappy people.

Ethics & Commitment

We are committed to honour our commitments with total zeal and ethics. We take pride in honouring what we commit.


We believe in giving and receiving appreciation from everyone around us. We want to appreciate teams and customers for their success and achievements. We believe in encouraging and recognizing good work done and spreading the word around.


This is such an important value in our business world. An organization without accountability is like playing a game of cricket without rules. This value is a key at every level in our organization.

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